Power of 'Online Branding' in Job Search

Online branding is a powerful technique to get into the spotlight. It is not only limited for celebrities nowadays, but anyone with little bit of knowledge and hard work can create their own brand.

Let’s begin with Quiz:

Who will be the best person to hire? Person A OR Person B?

Of Course Person B!

Now, just think for a minute. Are you aware about the skill set of both? Do you know the expertise they have? Do you know their work experience? Answer is ‘NO’. Still you will opt Person B.

I want you to pay attention over here. You opted for Person B because he looks more professional as compared to Person A. Am I right? Most probably, Yes!

Similarly, when it comes to the digital era, people are going to judge (Sorry to say but it’s a bitter truth) you based on your Online Presence. Do you have a professional online presence? Your Online Presence resembles with Person A OR Person B?

HR people, recruiters, managers etc. are going to view your ‘Online Profile’ and remember, ‘first impression is the last impression’. If you successfully impress recruiters with your online presence then cracking a job opportunity will become easier to you.

Imagine this:

You have prepared an amazing resume which matches current trends and it’s short & crisp. People are loving it and they are appreciating your creativity and structured content.

Along with all details, you also mentioned your LinkedIn profile link on your resume. Naturally, the recruiter will click on that link and your profile is visible. A good profile picture, with smart structured profile summary. Recruiter also noticed you have a good number of professional connections. Also, looking at the endorsement section recruiter is quite impressed.

Interestingly, you mentioned your video resume link in LinkedIn Profile summary. Without giving second thought, the recruiter clicked on it. Within a moment your recorded video resume is available. Your video resume is a proof of your communication skills, subject knowledge and confidence. You also mentioned your website i.e. www.yourname.com in your resume, LinkedIn profile and video resume. This website includes all your certifications, your project details, your hobbies etc.

Looking at your impressive resume, LinkedIn profile, Video Resume and your website; what recruiter will think?

Believe me, if a recruiter calls you after this; it’s just a formality. You are already selected. Be ready for salary negotiation.

This is the Power of Online Branding in Job Search!

Build your online presence and then start job search, your selection chances will rise dramatically.


In 2021, only a resume is not going to help. You must have a professional online presence. This presence includes your personal website, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, twitter, Instagram profile also.

On the scale of 10 (1: Poor, 10: Excellent), rate yourself on following parameter:

Resume in PDF _____

LinkedIn Profile _____

Your own website _____

Video resume _____

If your score is less than 20, then you need guidance from an expert. You can try your own research or visit our website for details.

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