Is Coding necessary…..?

Most of the state boards are including coding in their school syllabus from 5th grade onwards followed by CBSE. So the question arises here: IS coding so important to include it in school syllabus?

Well the answer is simple as well as complicated.

Let’s look at these entrepreneurs and their companies:

  • Elon Musk - Tesla, Spacex, Paypal

  • Bill Gates - Microsoft

  • Paul Allen - Microsoft

  • Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

  • Larry Page - Google

  • Sergey Brin - Google

  • Sean Belnick - eBay

  • Larry Ellison - Oracle

  • Satoshi Nakamoto - Bitcoin

  • Gavin Andresen - Bitcoin

  • Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum

  • List will go on...

Do you know the common thing in all these people?

Any guess? They all are CODERS! That’s why they all are PROBLEM SOLVERS!

Coding helps to build the mindset of problem solving.

Whenever these people are stuck at something, they look at it as an opportunity to find the solution. This is the seed of their success.

Coding helps to evolve you as a problem solver.

That's the reason coding is taught in schools.

For many decades mathematics was powerful. If you take an example of Mathematics subjects like functions, binomial equations, probability, graphs, algebra etc., it helps to build analytical thinking. Now this place is taken by coding. Right age to learn mathematics fundamentals is age group 12 to 20, because grasping power of students is more in this period.

Coding does the same thing to let them think logically towards the problem. Steve Jobs once said Coding is just like solving any problem step by step. Coding lets students think on How? rather than What?

I want you to pay attention over here, Purpose of Learning coding is not just to get a fat salary job in the software industry but to think logically to every aspect in our day to day life problems. Coding helps people to increase their hunger for learning new things. If you compare coding with other subjects; it's a fun learning coding where you get instant results of experiments and it makes coding more engaging while learning.


Age is just a number! If you want to learn coding then you can start it anytime. We will suggest you give it a try. Learn basic coding, build your own app or software. It’ll help to boost confidence and scale up more effectively in the programming world. To begin with, you can start with the most popular Programming Language - Python. You can learn Python online, there are a number of websites available to learn python including our dearest friend YouTube. However, if you want personal online teaching, then feel free to connect with us.

See; it doesn't matter where you learn. Learning is important. Just give it a try. Who knows you will solve problems for people with your own software or mobile application.


Ask yourself below questions and note answers:

  1. Do you like problem solving? (No - 0, Yes - 10)

  2. Do you face problems which can be resolved by software but that software nobody prepared yet? (No - 0, Yes - 10)

  3. Are you willing to put in two extra hours daily to learn new things? (No - 0, Yes - 10)

If your total is more than 20, we strongly recommend you to give it a try atleast once in your life. Read from # again.

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