5 Tips to become a Superman or Superwoman at your first job

Super! Zing… Zing… Zing… Zing… Zing……..

Let’s understand what Superman or Superwoman is?

Superman or Superwoman are the one who are superior to ordinary people. Superior means better, far more better than what ordinary is.

To become a superior you must go beyond ordinary, you have to put those extra efforts, go extra mile, work extra hard which will make you extraordinary and people will start looking at you as a Superman or a Superwoman.

Here are 5 tips to become a Superman or Superwoman at your first job:

Tip #1: Destroy biggest hurdles first

It means, complete high priority tasks as soon as you encounter it.

To make it simpler, always carry one pocket diary with you. Ensure it will be small enough to carry in your pocket during working hours. You can use mobile apps also, but I deliberately avoid it nowadays as Mobile is dynamite of distractions. Thanks to powerful social media.

Now, note down tasks in the diary with priority (H-High, M-Medium, L-Low)

Go through the task list frequently in a day, plan your daily routine aligned with the task list.

Most important: Hit on high priority tasks first with full intensity.

Repeat and make it a habit.

Result: Once you start doing this, your seniors will notice that you like challenges and capable enough to handle more of it, it means higher responsibilities; it means quick promotion.

Yes, your initial 3 months decides your success in that company.

Tip #2: Be smart and sharp

Whenever you get an opportunity try to be smart and sharp. Practice it slowly, otherwise aggressive smartness or sharpness may land you in trouble.

For example, let’s talk about emails. People observe your official communications like email on a daily basis. How you are writing the matter, your approach towards people, your vocabulary etc. everything will be noticed by people around you. If you use a powerful and pin pointed vocabulary and/or approach then it will help you to make a better impact.

Initially take help from the internet, go through a number of email templates. Save a few of them you like. Categorize it as escalation handling, appreciation, saying thank you etc. Categorization will make your life easy.

Repeat the same technique with WhatsApp messages, SMS templates to shine in the office.

Tip #3: Lead from the front

Yes, though you are a fresher, always show to management that you are willing to take lead. It’s in your DNA. Showing and proving leadership skills time to time will increase your chances to become a team leader early.

If you want to develop leadership skills then watch YouTube videos, join leadership programs, get guidance from college seniors, do whatever you can... But….. Remember... be a leader! Build leadership skills, mindset, attitude when starting a career. Getting a job is the first milestone. Don’t relax once you get a job, but think about how you can make the most out of it.

Tip #4: Eliminate your weaknesses

Superman or Superwoman doesn’t have weaknesses. If you have major weaknesses then it can work like a poison to your career. People always notice mistakes first than good work. Few people with bad intentions can easily take advantage of it in office politics.

For example, few people face challenges to speak in english, or handle agitated customers, or make mistakes in calculations etc. It not only creates your bad image, but it will also work like an obstacle in your career.

How to be a perfect person? Answer is simple, just try to remove all your weaknesses.

We cannot remove our weaknesses by hundred percent, but we can minimize it to the extent that it’ll not matter much.

To do this, follow below steps:

Step 1: List down your weaknesses with it’s weightage (High weightage to major weakness)

Step 2: Sort the list in descending order

Step 3: Find relevant courses on Udemy, Coursera or YouTube, or some blog which can help you to gain knowledge.

Step 4: Work on it daily for 30 mins for one weakness per month. Believe in the magic of consistency. You will see results within three months.

Tip #5: Major Problem = Big Opportunity

Whenever your team is in a difficult situation take the lead. Work hard, put in those extra hours, extra skills to make things work. Being Superman or Superwoman means you should love the problems/challenges. Because, these challenges are going to prove your value in front of others.

While accepting challenges, I will recommend you to take calculated risks. Do not go blindly accepting all the challenges whenever you see it. Analyze the problem, understand the situation, think for some time and then take the call.

We all know the golden words by Swami Vivekananda: जितना बड़ा संघर्ष होगा, जीत उतनी ही शानदार होगी (The greater the struggle, the greater the victory).


First understand yourself. Once, you know yourself then your job is fifty percent done.

Try this:

  1. Prepare Google form of survey (If you don’t know how to prepare Google form then learn from YouTube, it’s very simple, also it can be created in english, hindi or any other language)

  2. Mention few feedback topics regarding your behavioral pattern (refer below example)

  3. Share google form link with your close friends and relatives (Don’t be shy or feel awkward, people are starting YouTube channels nowadays and go public to the entire world. Things are changed now.)

  4. Study responses and understand it. Call the respective person if you need more clarity on a specific response.

Example of survey:

  1. Name:

  2. Rate my leadership skills on the scale of 10 (0: Worst, 10: Amazing)

  3. Rate my communication skills on the scale of 10 (0: Worst, 10: Amazing)

  4. What is my biggest strength according to you?

  5. What is my major weakness according to you?

  6. To become a successful person, what advice will you give to me?

Your close circle knows you the best, hence they can help you to build your better version. If you are satisfied with the result of this survey then no problem, but if you feel disappointed then don't worry. It’s better to know your weakness earlier. Work on those areas with full devotion. You will see the result. If you need personal guidance, then feel free to connect with eCareerSpace. We would like to help you.

We at eCareerSpace are trying to guide students for a better career. If you like this blog, then please let us know by comments. Don’t forget to share it with your friend or family member who can benefit from this.

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