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Hitesh Patil

Python Expert

Hey eLearner, I'm Hitest, your eTutor.

I am an IT Engineer with 10+ years of work experience in this progressive industry.

While working in the IT sector, I realised that enhancing ones skill is the key to unlocking bigger opportunities. That motivated me to learn Python and believe me, THAT brought a massive uplift in my career.

Nowadays, even a bunch of ten-year-olds are into coding because it's the need of the hour. Coding not only helps to earn money, but to build a career with sustainable growth.  Keeping this in mind, let me ask you; what about you? Are you prepared enough to adapt the technological shift in upcoming years? The way AI and Machine learning are developing we can see huge job cuts especially for mechanical work in the near future. Are you ready to accept challenges and evolve yourself with progressive technology?

This fact triggered me to become a tutor. 

>> Key highlights <<
Interactive and engaging eLearning sessions

Industry based assignments

Best quality study material

Detailed Q&A Sessions to solve doubts

Interview guidance

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